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Name Short Description Based on Request BukkitDev Page Source Code Download/s
ActionBarBroadcaster An AutoMessager Plugin which broadcasts Message using the ActionBar including various PlaceHolders Requested by MrEminent42 Download
BalloonFiesta An EULA-friendly Donator Perk for flying Balloons :o Requested by cucci0 BukkitDev Download
CS-CoreLib The essential Library for all my Plugins BukkitDev GitHub Download
ChatTitles A RankPrefix+ Addon for EULA-friendly Donator Tags in the Chat :3 BukkitDev Download
Colored Ender Chests A Slimefun Addon inspired by the famous Mod EnderStorage. BukkitDev Download
CommandOverride This Plugin allows you to create custom Commands in the Config as well as Aliases and Shortcuts for Commands BukkitDev GitHub Download
Corpse Reset This Plugin resets your Player when you die. You drop no Items and if you have ZeldaHearts installed, your Hearts will reset as well. Requested by tiffit Download
CouponCode A little minigame which allows you to bid your Money and it will generate a Code, anyone who enters the code first, will receive the money you spent Requested by UltimateMagnum Download
DeathBounty Automatically places Bounties on Players who killed someone, can be redeemed by killing them Download
Donation Watcher A Plugin that allows you to display Informations about certain Donator Ranks. Requested by orioorio BukkitDev Download
DonatorHeads An EULA-friendly Donator Plugin which allows Users to select unlocked Hats using /hats or by cicking on their Helmet Slot. Manual Hat Adding/Removal is disabled by default Download
EasyFurnace Completely enhances the Minecraft Furnace experience. No GUI anymore! Just right click a furnace with what you want to smelt and you are good to go Download
ElectricSpawners A Slimefun Addon which adds Powered Spawners. These Spawners are faster than normal ones and don't require any Players nearby BukkitDev Download
EmeraldEnchants A Plugin which adds new Enchantments like Explosive. You can also create your own Enchantments with Potioneffects in the Config. These Enchantments can be obtained via the Upgrading System of PrisonGems Requested by andrewginn BukkitDev GitHub Download
Exotic Garden A Slimefun Addon which adds new Trees and Bushes to the world as well as Berries, Fruits and some exciting new Food BukkitDev GitHub Download
ExtraGear This Slimefun addon adds new Gear for all Metals available in Slimefun (e.g. Nickel Sword) Reqauested by Doomlordviz BukkitDev Download
ExtraHeads ExtraHeads is a Slimefun Addon which adds more Heads to Minecraft, you can find a full List of all added Mob Heads on it's Bukkit Page BukkitDev Download
FactionsRelationTag This Plugin colors the Name of the Player in the TAB-List as well as above his Head based on your Relation to him (Truced/Ally/Enemy/...) Requested by BurninSeagul Download
FlightExhaustion Whenever Players without the Permission "FlightExhaustion.bypass" try to fly they will be stopped flying after a configurable amount of seconds and will then be on a cooldown which is also configurable Download
Gun Fun A Slimefun Addon which adds Guns as well as Flash Hiders, Sound Mufflers, Ammo, Grips,... BukkitDev Download
HotbarPets HotbarPets is a Slimefun Addon giving you the chance to have Pets you can carry around in your Hotbar. BukkitDev Download
Living World This Plugin allows you to add a custom Mob Spawning Mechanic to your Server (supporting named Mobs as well as Chat Colors!) Requested by cucci0 BukkitDev Download
LootSoul This Plugin adds "Souls" to the Game. They spawn when you die and upon Right Clicking an Inventory will be opened containing the Items of the died Player Requested by xXBlazeCraftXx BukkitDev Download
Lucky Blocks (Slimefun Edition) A Slimefun Addon adding the popular Lucky Blocks as well as the lucky and unlucky Version and a World Generator BukkitDev Download
MagicLoot This Plugin adds Ruins (Schematics supported!) to the Game as well as random enchanted/damaged/named/... Items in Chests. It also generates Slimefun Items if Slimefun was found. BukkitDev GitHub Download
NoChestDrops This Plugin simply prevents Chests etc. from dropping their Content when you break them. Requested by Shahblox Download
NoItemDragging Simply a Plugin which forbids you to drop/move Items and Armor. Requested by Eric7765 Download
PluginHelpPage Generates a .html Document with Informations about all your Plugins Download
Police Box This Plugin adds Cops to your Game (useful for Prison/GTA Servers) which spawn when someone is attacking/killing another Player. They can hit you until you fall unconscious or kill you (configurable) BukkitDev Download
PrisonCells A extremely lightweight Cell Plugin for Prison Servers including automatic WorldGuard Setup and Extendable Rental BukkitDev Download
PrisonGems This Plugin adds a new currency to the game as well as a Tool/Weapon Upgrading System using this currency Requested by JailOutMC BukkitDev Download
PrisonUtils This Plugin features useful Prison Gadgets like "Auto-Smelting", "Fortune on Ingots", "Automatically pick up Items" and QuickSell-compatible Backpacks Requested by andrewginn BukkitDev Download
PrivateStorage A Slimefun Addon which adds private Chests as well as magical Locks to the Game to protect your Valuables BukkitDev Download
Quest World A very advanced but easy to configure Quest Plugin which adds Money/Item/Command Rewards, a GUI and many other nifty Things to the Game... BukkitDev GitHub Download
QuickBuy A basic GUI-Shop Plugin which allows you to buy Stuff for Money. Requested by MrAshTonka BukkitDev Download
QuickMarket QuickMarket is a Plugin which makes your job as a Server Owner and the job of your Players super-easy when it comes to Shopping and safe Trades. BukkitDev GitHub Download
QuickSell An easy to configure but very advanced Sell-Shop Plugin, adding a GUI, Sell All-Signs and much more... BukkitDev GitHub Download
RankPrefix+ A Rank/Chat Manager which adds Prefixes to the TAB-List and above a Players Head. BukkitDev GitHub Download
Sensible Toolbox This Plugin adds a couple of new Items and Blocks to the game including its own Item and Energy Transport System BukkitDev GitHub Download
Sensible-Bridge A little Bridge between Slimefun and Sensible Toolbox. It imports all STB Items into Slimefun. Requested by j0ach1mmall3 BukkitDev Download
Shelter A Slimefun Addon which adds preset Shelters to the Game which can be built by supplying the needed materials; Based on The Forest BukkitDev Download
Slimefun This Plugin adds new Items to the game. Yes, you read that correctly, it adds over 200+ new Items to the Game without any Mods. It will basically turn your whole Server into a FTB modpack. BukkitDev GitHub Download
SlimyDrops A simple Drop Party Plugin which is able to drop Slimefun/MagicLoot Items as well as XP BukkitDev Download
SlimefunGuide+ A Slimefun Addon which allows the Slimefun Guide to show ALL Recipes, this includes those from Minecraft and even other Plugins! BukkitDev Download
SoulJars A Slimefun Addon which adds Jars to capture Mob Souls in order to build a Spawner. BukkitDev Download
Speedy Mobs Allows you to set different walking speeds for mobs Requested by PhillyCheezsteak Download
TNTMines This Plugin creates Explosions whenever you break TNT, those explosion will destroy nearby blocks. Compatible with PrisonUtils! Download
TrollingJail A different kind of Jail Plugin... It traps Players in client-side Cobweb-Cages which are really annoying... They will never grief again! :3 BukkitDev Download
Troubleshooter This Plugin helps you to determine where Errors occur and what the issue is including some important server infos which help the developer to see what the issue is within seconds Download
Veinminer for Bukkit This Plugin allows you to mine all adjacent Blocks of the same Type when holding Shift. As seen in the mod Veinminer BukkitDev Download
VirtualFarms A Plugin which allows you to buy virtual Farms which generate Items for you over time Requested by Hergarian Download
VotingPoll This Plugin allows you to create Polls which your Users can answer Requested by 1RuneKing BukkitDev Download
WeightRestriction This Plugin allows you to forbid certain Commands if your Inventory is too full. Check the Config! Requested by CiyscoMisco Download
ZeldaHearts This Plugin adds a new Health System to Minecraft. You start with 3 Hearts and by killing Mobs you recover Health, you can increase your Max-Health by killing Bosses and (if thief mode is enabled) you can steal other Players Hearts by killing them. BukkitDev Download