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About TheBusyBiscuit

Hey, I'm TheBusyBiscuit
and I am a software/web/app/game developer from Germany.

Back in 2012 I first looked into coding by reading a book about HTML but I then moved from web to software development by learning how to code in Visual Basic till I started to learn Java a year later.
I originally wanted to develop mods for the sandbox game 'Minecraft' but due to my lack of experience I struggled a lot with that.
Once a friend recommended me a Server Software called Bukkit, I started to code Plugins for that software instead.
A couple of them have received pretty decent popularity since most of my fanbase assembled back then.
In 2014 I then started to look back into Web Development as I built my first online website, it looked far from fancy but it served the purpose of listing all my ongoing projects pretty well back then.
The year afterwards I wanted to try out game development and also got the chance to work in a game studio for a few weeks, the limitless possibilities in games seemed very attractive in comparison to modding existing games.
In 2016 I then decided to cease Plugin Development and focus on game development instead.
I am currently working on a ton of projects (mainly Video Games).
They will be published at some point but I want to make sure they are well-polished before releasing them into the wild.

That is pretty much my online history in a nutshell.

Charts (because nerds love charts)